Friday, November 28, 2008

Letter to Cardinal Gracias of Mumbai on the Volunteer Ministers

Critics of Scientology were revolted by the behavior of Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11. Since the VM's are committed to Scientology's program of "Global Obliteration" of psychiatry and psychology, they harassed and interfered with the grief counseling work of authorized disaster relief and mental health trauma counselors to practice their cure-all Hubbard Tech pseudo-psychotherapy.

The incident revealed clearly that corporate Scientology intends also to obliterate religious pastoral counseling. The VM's denigrated the validity of the ministrations of priests, ministers, and religious trauma and grief counselors along with their secular colleagues.

Counterknowledge has now confirmed that the Church of Scientology is dispatching Volunteer Ministers to Mumbai. In response to a request from the editor of Counterknowledge for media contacts in India I emailed an alert to Cardinal Oswaldo Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai.

For His Grace, Cardinal Oswaldo Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai
Vice-President, Catholic Bishops Conference of India

Your Grace,

I send my condolences and prayers to you and the people of Mumbai and India in the aftermath of this terrible massacre which has taken the lives of some many innocent people of many faiths and nations.

I also write asking you to immediately pass on a warning to the government officials in charge of post-disaster operations in Mumbai.

The Church of Scientology has announced that it is dispatching its Volunteer Ministers (VM's) to disaster sites in Mumbai. The Volunteer ministers must be prevented from participating in disaster relief and trauma counseling efforts at all costs.

They appeared at Ground Zero after our own terrorist tragedy on 9/11, and behaved disgracefully. Head of the Church of Scientology David Miscavige has proclaimed the Global Obliteration of psychiatry, psychology, and religious pastoral counseling to be Scientology's number one priority. The VM's therefore interfered with, harrassed, and blocked the efforts of legitimate, professional mental health and pastoral care counselors.

Damian Thompson of the UK Telegraph has confirmed a report from Counterknowledge that the Church of Scientology is dispatching VM's to Mumbai. Counterknowledge is the first to publish this information based on intelligence gathered by the anti-Scientology human rights protest group Anonymous.

Many of us Catholic and Christian critics of Scientology's human rights abuses are deeply concerned about Scientology's infiltration of India and its co-opting government, municipal, civic, and religious organizations, particularly the Catholic church in India.

The VM's routinely deceive the Indian public that they are a secular organization disseminating the humanitarian wisdom of LRHubbard which is compatible with all religions. If fact, all of its practices are inseparable from the rest of Scientology which includes such things as the belief that Jesus Christ was a pedophile, and the practice of universal coerced abortion for its female staff members.

No decent group secular or religious should have anything to do with this organization, especially the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the VM's have already deceived the Bishop of Ooty into endorsing them by permitting them to teach Hubbard educational technology to students at St. Joseph's College. This is a scandal waiting to be exposed.

So I urge you to pass this information on to the authorities in Mumbai and to alert the Catholic and secular press in India.

Spare, Your Grace, the traumatised people of Mumbai the unholy ministrations of these vultures and their global obliteration of psychiatry programme.

In the compassion of Jesus,

Damian DeWitt
San Francisco
For Great Justice

I am cc'ing Damian Thompson of the UK Telegraph and Milo Andreas Wagner, editor of Counterknowledge on this email.


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