Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scientology organization is a totalitarian business - Hungarian Papal Nuncio

There have been very few statements from Catholic hierarchs concerning Scientology. In fact, it appears that none have been made since that of Archbishop Karl-Joseph Rauber in 2001 when he was Papal Nuncio or the Vatican Ambassador to Hungary. Anonymous Hungary has kindly translated it for Light In The Darkness.

The context is the authenticity of the apologia for Scientology purported to be by Alonso Galan, allegedly a professor at the papal Gregorian University in Rome. The nuncio denies he is even known and describes organized Scientology as "totalitarian". The article still on Scientology's website was distributed to members of the Hungarian parliament to influence their voting on changes in legislation regarding the establishment of churches.

Original article:

This from the newspaper "Hungarian Nation", the date is 4 April 2001.

According to Karl-Josef Rauber, Papal Nuncio for Hungary, the Holy See does not know about Urbano Alonso Galan, supposedly a theologian in Vatican City. He is the author of a study of Scientology, mailed to the PMs just before the voting about a change in the law regulating the establishment of a church. Gábor Tasnádi, spokesperson for the Church of Scientology Hungary stated that the Nuncio had given false information about their church. András Veér, Director of the National Psychiatric and Neurological Institute, stated that Scientologists often employ the tactic of publishing positive writings about them under the name of nonexistent or unknown scholars. Mr. Veér further stated that he was sure that it was mailed because of the upcoming voting.

Karl-Josef Rauber, Papal Nuncio told Duna Television that "We don't know anything about the author of the Scientology publication distributed in the Parliament, he is unknown in Vatican." He commented on Scientology as well: "The entire organization and its operation is a totalitarian one. They are talking about freedom, but they are actively preventing it; they destroy the moral and social identities of their followers. The end goal of Scientology is not a religious, but rather a business one, in my opinion."

Gábor Tasnádi, the spokesperson for the organization told us that the Nuncio has formed his opinion with a lack of knowledge of Scientology and without looking at the documents. He also stated that the Papal Nuncio can not say that Scientology is not a Church, as they have 9 million members worldwide. He also told that he can document Urbano Alonso Galan's work and that he is recognized as an authority in the Catholic Church.

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